Dear Colleagues and Predecessors,

  Safe and ample food is the most earnest expectation of all people. The daily intake of food raw materials for the people is the result of the productivity of general agricultural fields, such as farm, forestry, fishery and livestock, and is assisted by extensive engineering technology to complete the procedures, such as producing, processing, transportation, sales services, etc. How to achieve the people expectation covers a considerable outline and cannot be resolved overnight; perhaps it needs the patience and perseverance, but also needs to gather all the wisdom of people to find the most suitable solution. However the solution for the problem is relied on our attitude. We had worked in 2016. No longer hesitate and once again let’s work together to achieve a common vision: "Cross-domain Integration to Extend Creativity and Intelligent Agriculture to Innovate Value". Let’s move forward!

  The 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery in Taiwan (ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN) proceeds with the purposes of ICOIAM-2016TAIWAN and is planned to be held on December 1st and 2nd, 2017 at National Formosa University (located at Huwei Town, Yunlin County). We sincerely welcome you to join the festivities, and contribute your valuable knowledge, experience and research results.

In ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN, we wish to create a platform which can let those who are interested in the following subjects included, but are not limited to attend:

  *Intelligent Agricultural Machinery (IAgMACH)

  *Intelligent Agricultural Service and Support (IAgSERV)

  *Intelligent Agricultural Circulation (IAgCIRC)

  *Intelligent Agricultural Next (IAgNEXT)

  This conference includes International Scientific Symposium of IAM (ISS_IAM) and International Forum Symposium of IAg (IFS_IAg) two activities. Both activities are corresponded to paper presentation and experience sharing of topics relating to intelligent agricultural machinery, respectively. The activities will provide an opportunity for engineers, researchers, and practitioners to exchange their ideas and research results, as well as to facilitate business opportunities. As you are the experts and the most respectable one, we enthusiastically encourage you to attend the conference and look forward to meeting you in ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN.



The Scientific Development Committee of ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN


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