To deploy "New Agricultural Value Innovation System of Taiwan (NAgVIS_TAIWAN) “, construct " Ring Architecture of Circular Agriculture Value Chain", and enhance the whole of new agricultural contribution in the economic, social and environmental aspects for the extension the agricultural innovation value and the multiply of farmers income.



Facing the transition of traditional agriculture and new agriculture, it is now a crucial moment for Taiwan's agricultural innovation and development. In order to build the “Strong Groundwork and New Value" of the Taiwan’s new agricultural constitution, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (Taiwan), is in line with the policy of marketing strategies and the use of science and technology to actively construct a new agricultural business mode in Taiwan. It will play the role to create "National New Agricultural Competitiveness" and transform Taiwan's agriculture from "Productive Agriculture“ to "New Value Chain Agriculture“.

For response to the Taiwan’s new agricultural policy, ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN is in particular to organize the International Forum Symposium of Intelligent Agriculture (IFS_IAg). The goals of IFS_IAg are aimed at the deployment of "New Agricultural Value Innovation System of Taiwan (NAgVIS_TAIWAN) "  and " Ring Architecture of Circular Agriculture Value Chain“ in order to achieve the following strategies:

Taiwan Wisdom to Innovate Agriculture (TW2IA)

Agricultural Wisdom to Enrich Taiwan (AW2ET)

Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)

Agriculture Innovation to Value Taiwan (AI2VT)

Therefore, the IFS_IAg of ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN will organize a series of forums, such as talent cultivation, intelligent technology, resource circulation, potential business mode of new agriculture, and other aspects of the topic for discussion.

You are welcomed to join the forums hosted at the National Formosa University (Huwei township, Yunling County, Taiwan) on December 1st (Friday) to December 2nd (Saturday), look forward to contribute your knowledge influence for the strategic planning of TW2IA, AW2ET, RC2BT, an AI2VT.

Best wishes,


The Organizing Committee of ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN


IFS=International Forum Symposium

IIF=Industry Innovation Forum




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