I. Taiwan Wisdom to Agricultural Innovation, TW2IA

     B1. IIF of Intelligent Agriculture Machinery on Facility Agriculture, IIF_IAMFAg

     B2. IIF of Intelligent Agriculture Unmanned Vehicle System, IIF_IAgUVS

     B3. IIF of Intelligent Agriculture IoT Application, IIF_IAgIoT

     B4. IIF of Intelligent Agricultural Machinery on Friendly Environmental Forestry

   II. Agricultural Wisdom to Enrich Taiwan, AW2ET

     B5. IIF of New Agriculture Human Resources Development, IIF_NAgHRD

     B6. IIF of New Agriculture Sustainable Food System, IIF_NAgSFS

  III. Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)

     B7. IIF of New Agriculture Biochar-based Resource Application, IIF_NAgBRA

     B8. IIF of New Agriculture Resource Circulation Application, IIF_NAgRCA

     B9. IIF of New Agriculture and Renewable Energy Co-construction, IIF_NAgREC

     B10. IIF of New Agriculture and Biomass Renewable Energy, IIF_NAgBRE

   IV. Agricultural Innovation to Value Taiwan (AI2VT)

     B11. IIF of New Agriculture International Development Strategy, IIF_NAgIDS 


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