Outline of IFS_IAg


IFS=International Forum Symposium

IIF=Industry Innovation Forum


I. Taiwan Wisdom to Agricultural Innovation (TW2IA)

IIF of Intelligent Agriculture Machinery on Facility Agriculture (IIF_IAMFAg)

Taiwan Wisdom to Innovate Agriculture (TW2IA)” – IIF_IAMFAg will discuss the development and application of intelligent machinery and monitoring management system in the modern agriculture facilities.

IIF of Intelligent Agriculture Unmanned Vehicle System, IIF_IAgUVS)

Taiwan Wisdom to Innovate Agriculture (TW2IA)” – IIF_IAgUVS will focus on the integrated application of unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) and intelligent agriculture machinery (IAM) to the generalized agriculture.

IIF of Intelligent Agriculture IoT Application (IIF_IAgIoT)

Taiwan Wisdom to Innovate Agriculture (TW2IA)” – IIF_IAgIoT will focus on the IoT technology used in the multiple innovative value-added applications of the new agricultural production and marketing management.

II. Agricultural Wisdom to Enrich Taiwan (AW2ET)

IIF of New Agriculture Human Resources Development (IIF_NAgHRD)

"Agricultural Wisdom to Enrich Taiwan (AW2ET )" – IIF_NAgHRD will focus on the sustainable development to cultivate the new generation of agriculture and green talent for the intelligent and circular agriculture.

IIF of New Agriculture Sustainable Food System (IIF_NAgSFS)

Agricultural Wisdom  to Enrich Taiwan (AW2ET )” –IIF_NAgSFS will focus on the development strategy of the new agriculture sustainable food system to ensure food safety  and improve food self-sufficiency rate, in Taiwan.

III. Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)

IIF of New Agriculture Biochar-based Resource Application (IIF_NAgBRA)

 "Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)" – IIF_NAgBRA will focus on the Carbon Trading and the innovation application and development strategy of biochar-based products.

IIF of New Agriculture Resource Circulation Application (IIF_NAgRCA)

"Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)" – IIF_NAgRCA will focus on the industrial technology roadmap and development strategy of circular agriculture economy.

IIF of New Agriculture and Renewable Energy Co-construction (IIF_NAgREC):

"Resource Circulation to Beautify Taiwan (RC2BT)" – IIF_NAgREC will focus on the industry technology roadmap, business model, and development strategy for the co-construction of New Agriculture and Renewable Energy.

IV. Agricultural Innovation to Value Taiwan (AI2VT)

IIF of New Agriculture Southward Development Strategy (IIF_NAgSDS)

"Agricultural Innovation to Value Taiwan (AI2VT)" – IIF_NAgSDS will focus on the new agricultural dialogue mode and integrated strategy of the international business cooperation for the agriculture of Changhua -Yunlin-Chiayi area in Taiwan.



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