Dear Colleagues and Predecessors,


  Safe and abundant food supply is the most earnest expectation for people. The daily intake of food raw materials for the people is the result of the productivity of general agricultural fields, such as farm, forestry, fishery and livestock, and is also assisted by extensive engineering technology to complete the procedures, such as producing, processing, transportation, sales services, etc. How to achieve the people expectation covers a considerable outline and cannot be resolved overnight; perhaps it needs the patience and perseverance, but also needs to gather all the wisdom of people to find the most suitable solution. However the solution for the problem is relied on our attitude. We had worked in 2016. No longer hesitate and once again let’s work together to achieve a common vision: "Cross-domain Integration to Extend Creativity and Agricultural Intelligence to Innovate Value". Let’s move forward!

 Proceed with the purposes of ICOIAM-2016TAIWAN: integrate cross-domain knowledge to extend creativity and strengthen groundwork to expand agricultural innovation for creating a new constitution of Taiwan's intelligent agriculture.

 Create a new paradigm of agricultural circulation economy in Taiwan: develop new wisdom of agricultural resources’ circulation to extend the new agricultural value for enhancing the comprehensive contribution of new agriculture on the aspects of economic value,  social support and environmental services, etc..

 Develop Taiwan's new agriculture energy contributing to the international community: gather the forces of cross-domain alliances to develop agricultural overall solution for assisting the promotion of New Agriculture Southward Development Policy.

  The 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Agricultural Machinery in Taiwan (ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN) is planned to invite internationally renowned scholars, researchers, vendors and government officials of agriculture, forestry, fishery, and livestock areas relating to intelligent science and technology of energy-saving machinery of agricultural circulation. Through papers presentation, information exchange of international industrial technology, technology exhibition, etc. explores the intelligent technology in the present or future feasible innovative integration and development strategies.   

  Taiwan is the center of global agricultural science and technology. Changhua -Yunlin-Chiayi area (an area including three counties across central and southern Taiwan) is the core of Taiwan's agricultural development. We sincerely welcome you to National Formosa University (located at Huwei Township, Yunlin County) joining the festivities, and contributing your valuable knowledge, experience and research results on December 1st and 2nd, 2017.

  Taiwan may not be a big country in agricultural production, but it is definitely a country where industrial and agricultural science and technology have been extensively developed. It is believed that Taiwan will be able to become a power of agricultural productive forces by strengthening the creative extension through the horizontal alliances. Therefore ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN is still held in Taiwan's agricultural center "Yunlin County", and Changhua-Yunlin-Chiayi area will not only become a model of practical agricultural intelligence technology, but also become the world's important center on the development of circulation-agriculture wisdom.

  Thanks again for your recognition and support. Let’s work together to create a great and prosperous agriculture for the collaborative development of various industries. Look forward to your knowledge influence to help develop the new Taiwan agriculture in “How to Learn Producing Smart from the Smart Producing”, at the same time from the learning process of agricultural intelligence to implant and enhance the wisdom of the sustainable circulation. Best wishes for you and look forward to 2017 gathering.

Best Regards,


The Organizing Committee of ICOIAM-2017TAIWAN


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